small pleasures

9 Jun

london 10.48am 15C sunny tuesday 2020


this is a lily

its a sunny morning , and i had just been back from an outing to my doctor’s to post in my monthly prescription. i shall collect the medicine in two days time from the chemist next door to it. i am really glad that i dont have to pay the prescription. thank goodness for the free medicine (only for over 60s and some others ) and free treatment on the nhs.

while i was in the area i went to the sainsburys to buy celery and a banana, because both of these items are given extra points on my nectar. haha. i got 60points, which usually i have to buy £60 worth of stuff.

the banana is a good buy, because they give me 20 points even though i only bought one for 13p. ah well, i guess it is marketing, and it works too, because i deliberately did not buy the celery at the tescos even though it cost the same and i was there yesterday.

i know these are all very small beer, i am sure, for those of you who have more things to bother about. but small pleasures like this make up my days now.

and enjoying the sunshine and the flowers  that are popping up.

60points are worth 30p in real money if i use it to buy stuff from sainsburys.

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