i have changed my electricity supplier to eon

10 Jun

london 6.20pm 13C cloudy/rain wednesday 2020

i always get a bit apprehensive when i change my electricity supplier. even though i am quite a veteran when it comes to moving supplier. but even so, there is always that niggling thought that have i done the right thing and have i got the best tariff?

my present supplier, utility point, just now sent me an email saying my contract with them expires 31.7.20, (it was an 18month contract. this new one i have with eon is only for 12months. )and to ask me to renew. but they did not tell me what the renewal rates are. if they are the same as now i would just renew with them, but since they did not say so, i assume it must be increased.  so i went online and googled cheap electricity and got moneysupermarket.com, which i am familiar with. they are a price comparison website. so i  did not feel scared to use them. they gave me heading the list,  with eon, the lowest tariff , £18 a month, but what is more important, are the details of the tariff. 

 it was quite ok, 14.94p/kwh, with standing charge of 9.44p a day. there is a penalty charge of £30 if i leave too early, and also that i must allow them to change to a smart meter whenever they ask me. i am not very keen on a smart meter, but i guess sooner or later, we must all change into that. 

utility point at present charges me 13.55p/kwh, standing charge of 15p a day. no demands to change my meter. so my new supplier charges me higher /kwh, but offset by the cheaper standing daily charge. 5p difference means i can use 3kwh more electricity  per day before i lose out. 

i have noticed the charge/kwh is always going up all the time. and it can mount up quite high if u use a lot of electricity. once i include the standard charge, the tariff is 18p/kwh, which is the same as my present supplier charges. 

so now i have changed over, and it is set in motion.from now on, they do it without any more action from me. the die is cast as it were. lets hope eon dont go bankrupt. 

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