oh, is it my birthday allready?

11 Jun

london 2.31pm 19C cloudy thursday 2020

i dont normally celebrate my birthday, but today i see that nectar is giving me 100points if i buy a 1.5kg whole fresh chicken, so i decided to do that, and whilst there i bought a 1kg bag of wonky carrots, 50p. to roast with it.  they dont look wonky at all (when i opened them at home), but they are 5p cheaper than the loose carrots. i was thinking by rights they should make the loose carrots cheaper, seeing there is no plastic bags to get rid of. but i know they cannot sell it too cheap otherwise there is no profit in it. i have to bear in mind, that cheapness is not the end all of it.  things must be sold at a price that makes enough profit for the people who grow it to bother to grow it. 

but anyway i roasted the chicken and had it for lunch, and quite delicious too. its been some time since i ate a roast chicken, so it is doubly delicious for that, as i have forgotten how nice it is. one of the things i learnt as i go older, is this… dont eat a thing all the time, if you eat it once in a while, you find it is doubly delicious and exciting to eat it when you do. 

got an email from ian, who remembers my birthday. he knows i dont bother with birthday greetings, but he still sends me one every time. it is rather nice to get it esp as he always personalise the picture he sents. i dont know how he does it, i suppose it must be using photoshop or something. 


oh the sun has just come out and brightening everything up. rather nice that.

i read a blog which says life is complicated. and i remember thinking it is not really, and only if u make it complicated. 

added. in another post of that blog, he was talking of his wife’s starbuck order, that she asked him to get for her. the order goes like this… 

“Iced, quad, venti, soy, upside down, 2 1/2 pump, caramel macchiato, light caramel drizzle,…please.”

 talk about making things complicated. haha. people who go to starbucks belong to those who think life is complicated and long may it be so.

but how many other people thinks like me? maybe very few people because it is exciting to make life complicated , people might feel they are living their life fully, instead of making it simple and they think, stripping it of all excitement. perhaps that is the only thing that  mankind can be grouped… those who think life is simple and easy, and those who think life is complicated and difficult. come to think of it, we might well make it even more apt, by dividing people into those who think life is difficult, and those who think life is easy.  

think of it for a moment. maybe what u are really thinking of is this…is life easy, or difficult. most would just say of course life is difficult… but hang on, it is so easy to get born and to live for most of us. if we are alive now, it just means how easy it is to be able to live. so the basic fact of being alive is very easy to attain. so life, being alive now, in itself for those of us still living now is easy. then people start adding bits and pieces to complicate it. 

i doubt that people who think life is simple thinks it is difficult, and those who think life is complicated thinks it is easy… are there?

added. maybe i got it wrong, and that everyone thinks life is difficult, and only differ in deciding whether life is simple or complicated. now i look back on my life, i can see my life is really quite easy. even though when i was living it i am prone to go along with what everyone seem to say, that life is difficult. 

so which one is you?

some people feel that if they are not worrying about something, there is something wrong with their life. 

3 Responses to “oh, is it my birthday allready?”

  1. MELewis Friday June 12, 2020 at 6:56 am #

    I’m by nature a complicated sort…but working on trying to simplify. I do like a skinny latté with an extra shot! Happy birthday to you!

    • alifesgayventure Friday June 12, 2020 at 7:26 am #

      your barista must thank you for making it simpler. haha. i think they must have very good memory to remember everyone’s order and specific requirements. i can see half the fun of ordering coffee for those who like to complicate things, must be in shouting out their own complicated requirements and getting it and acknowledging the skill involved and both can get the thrill of showing off their knowledge to each other and recognise each other as true experts in their field. that interaction must make their day. what i gather is that the order is always the same, dont they ever want to change it just for variety’s sake? do u ever order something else , say a cappuccino for eg.

      • MELewis Friday June 12, 2020 at 8:20 am #

        Not really. Now that I’ve found my favourite kind of coffee, I stick with it. But we don’t have a regular coffee place where we live so it’s just when travelling or in the city that I get to marvel at the barrista’s skills. At home we also drink lots of tea: Darjeeling, green tea, white tea (but never with milk like the English!)

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