will we all resume our lives after lockdown, and this is just a temporary hitch.

12 Jun

london 9.06pm 18C cloudy friday 2020

is it only 18C outside? so late too, i suppose it is mild. and looking out of my window now, i see the sky is still quite bright, and the plants are not moving, so there is hardly any wind. it will be a pleasant night out , if lockdown is not confining us to stay at home.

normally the cafes will be busy with people enjoying the cafe culture. i have been looking in on a webcam showing a cafe in italy, and i can see people sitting in groups enjoying, chatting and laughing and socialising. not much food on the table, just drinks, so it looks like cafe culture there is a drinking culture, rather than a eating culture. it must be about 10pm there now, as they are one hour ahead of uk time. so perhaps it is a drinking culture, the nature of it  depands on what time of the day you catch it. they must have either finished their dinner and this is a afterdinner drinking, or pre dinner drinking . haha. 

i am beginning to realise that the whole world has this eating out culture, meeting friends in an outside eating place, rather than at their own homes. the lockdown has put a real dent into that culture, but things are slowly opening out, as i can see in that webcam.

the uk is still not there yet, but i wonder if we have that eating out culture in cafes in uk, or do we all do it in bars and pubs instead… something that is particularly british then, our pubs. we drink without the need to eat something with it.

in thailand and malaysia, the culture is eating out in hawker stalls and beside the street. at least that was how it was when i was growing up, and might still be so now. though they might do it in food halls now, and car parks that have been converted at night to eating places. i can see the lockdown must seriously affect these places and people must be wondering if it will get back to normal afterwards, with everyone sitting close to each other…or will people avoid these places and so herald the death knell to those eating places.   

what i suspect is that people get used to it, and take it as just like flu, and carry on with their lives as before once the lockdown is over.

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