defacing statues as a way of demonstrating

13 Jun

london 7.39pm 21C sunny saturday 2020

its very quiet around here, even though i know that there is a bit of a to-do just up the road in trafalgar square, and parliament square, where they are demonstrating , blacklivesmatter clashing with counter demo by people who want to protect the statues. i do not hear any helicopters about even earlier in the day, when normally if there is big demonstrations going on, the helicopters are circling overhead making a racket. but today, nothing at all. so either things have gone peaceably… which if that is the case, than that’s good. 

we are a bit out of the way here, even though we are so close to it. the police has put a curfew of 5pm , but getting people to clear off is the difficult bit. the idea of the curfew is that when people hang around after dark they get into mischief and things are likely to go violent after dark. so put the curfew at 5pm, and by the time they get everyone off, it should be getting dark then. it gets dark at about  9pm.

it is all very silly really , this defacing statues, prompting others to  counter demonstrate by protecting them . but i guess it is better than them looting and fighting each other. though it might come to that if they lose their temper with each other. 

added 9.56pm, it seems it is not blm fighting the white counterdemonstrators, but the same white people who claim to be there to defend the statues fighting the police and each other instead. 

2 Responses to “defacing statues as a way of demonstrating”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Saturday June 13, 2020 at 8:31 pm #

    What’s happening now in US is lawless and dreadful. Has nothing to do with black lives matter. Criminal anarchists hate all forms of civilization. I’ve never owned a gun. Seems time to get one. US will really burn if Trump re-elected which I think he will.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday June 14, 2020 at 10:17 am #

      all this rioting and demos after a black person had been killed whilst being arrested has happened before. ronald king comes to mind. so it is not new. so why do u feel such despair now? what has changed? is it the call to defund the police? that would be new, though i suppose it could be tried , and see if it will dissolve the tension between blacks and whites and the police in america. many might conclude like you that there wont be a police to defend your home if they defund the police, so you will have to defend it yourself. people have cited mexico as an example of what happen if they get rid of the police. it did not end well. but the drug cartels are very much stronger in mexico…

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