spider’s web

19 Jun

9.52pm london dry friday 2020

a spider’s web just outside my window, and lit up by the back light provided by the courtyard light bulb which is below my window. its a very dense web.
soft yellow glow from the lamps around the courtyard

added.it is the next day20.6.20 10.22pm 18C dry saturday 2020. i was looking out of the window and looking at the web, and was struck by how empty it was, no insects caught in it. so last night and tonight it has nothing caught in it. and then i noticed looking around there are no insects flying about, or surrounding the lights , nor any in the flat, fluttering round our lights. i remember in malaysia we were always surrounded by insects flying around our faces, it as so normal most of us dont think of it. but i have noticed now that there are no insects flying about here. it is something that i remember saying was one of the attractions living in uk. all the time i have lived here, and i have lived here since 1991, there have been no noticeable insect invasion at all. occasionally i can see spider webs, and the odd spiders, but this year i have not seen any in the flat. and i only saw one fly today , the first of the year. 

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