summer starts today

20 Jun

london 5.53am 13.2C sunny saturday 2020

Summer 2020


this morning i saw google doodle saying it is summer 20.6.20 to 22.9.20. and looking out of the window at this nice bright morning, it looks and feels  like it, even though it is so early.

some people thinks summer should start on 1st june, rather than now. but now  is the summer solstice, shortest longest day, so it does seem appropriate, using the sun as a guide, rather than the calendar. google says summer solstice will be on 22.43. i dont know what it means. i can never figure out how come it is at night and not at 12noon today or rather 1pm, seeing we are in british summer time. 

after today, the days begin to get shorter and you would think logically that it should be getting colder , but there is a lag between the sun coming up high, and the heat it generates to affect the earth. so that, long after the sun reaches its highest latitude, the earth (and i mean it literally, the ground) only then starts to heats up, because it takes some time to heat up and affect the plants. it also takes time for the plants and trees to grow its leaves , hence the lag. no rushing nature that is for sure.

it seems to me cause and effect are quite far apart, so that it is not apparent and instant that u see the cause and effect. and that seems to be the way everything operates in nature.

so i am wondering if it might explain why if u have taken an action now, it takes time for you to see the result, and so u might not be able to see the consequences of your decisions… this disconnect means lots of people dont get why bad things, or for that matter why good things  happen to them. of course some bad or good things may happen out of pure luck, good luck or bad luck (if there is such a thing as bad luck! haha). after all  luck and the throw of the dice still operates i guess.

not everything is our fault. goodluck happens if people get to win the lottery. bad luck when people get cancer. oh dear!! somehow i feel sorrier and sadder when bad luck happens than happier when goodluck happens. i wonder why? i dont think winning the lottery compensates for getting cancer. which just goes to show all the money in the world wont compensate for poor health. but i guess that is my opinion and how i measure them. i wonder are there anyone who prefers given the choice to chose being very rich and nevermind if they are in poor health? on the other hand, they might say we all get old and ill , sooner or later, so might as well grab the money and run. haha. to them it is not either or, but both/ and. now i have said it, i can see it makes a lot of sense there. take both. because the ill health is inevitable if u live long enough. 

SUN RISE 4:44 AM sunset 9:22 PM

Length of Day 16 h 38 m

Tomorrow will be 0 minutes 1 seconds longer



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