in my old age, the internet is a good companion

21 Jun

london 7.32am 15C sunday rain 2020

just a short drizzle as i looked out of the window, enough to wet the courtyard. added 10.20am, i read this again and realised it sounds like i have taken a piss out of the window. but of course, i was talking of the rain outside my window. 

Length of Day
16 h 38 m
Tomorrow will be 0 minutes 4 seconds shorter

so looks like today is the real longest day. but does it really affect our daily life? i dont think so. at least in my case, it does not. so why do we talk about it so much? perhaps only us in the northern latitudes where we notice it. but i bet you in the tropics no one notice it. as the day is the same length more or less throughout the year. 

most of the time i am indoors, either inside my flat , which is more the case nowadays ; or inside some commercial building, like a club or pub, in my more sociable younger days, so i wont notice this extra long daylight.

if i were a early worker, or a late worker, i might notice it. (or if i were a farmer) this year they are discouraging people who normally would go to stonehenge to welcome in the solstice. but even they are not really belonging to the old druid religion where these things are significant.

now my life in retirement, days can be like nights in that i sleep whenever i feel sleepy, so i might take a nap during the day, and make my days into nights, and wake when i wake. i dont even keep regular meal times, i eat when i eat. i dont know why the experts say you must keep to strict meal times… or do they still say so? i have not noticed it, but u never know, they do keep changing their advise.

life is much simpler now. for me anyway.

i have been looking in on the life webcams of some families , and this one living in italy, i think, have people commenting on how the kids are always online, always looking at their ipads, or playing games on the screen. and criticizing the parents for that. well, i guess it is expected that if u show people your life they will find something to scold you for. haha.  but what is wrong with spending all your time online? everyone seem to say it is bad for kids to do that… but i am online and spend a lot of time online. i find it great, i dont think it is bad at all… but i do leaven it by reading a lot , even when i am online, by reading books online, and also i go offline and read real books . so that might be the difference between me and the kids.

in that family, i dont see the kids ever reading a book , they only read when they are doing their home schooling. now that is very different from my childhood where i am always reading a book. there was no internet then, tv was the bugbear then. with kids spending a lot of time on it. but for kids in malaysia during my growing up years, the tv program was no vice, as we get such awful programs, no one really watch it. for all i know now, the tv in malaysia may well be just as bad. haha. but the kids got the internet now.

today’s google doodle allows you to make your own father’s day card. and below is my idle effort.

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