good morning

22 Jun

london 9.50am 18C sunny monday 2020

this is my 3rd coffee in 3hrs.

its so nice here, sitting in the sun, on my 3rd cup of coffee since i woke at 7am . even though it is instant coffee and very weak coffee too, that simon called awful, haha. he likes his filtered coffee obviously. i think i dont mind drinking so much of it, because it is weak, and so i dont load up with caffeine everytime i drink a cup. its very quiet in the flat, and that is usual. and i like it.

and when i say quiet i also mean there is no one talking at all. and no radio or tv making noises. i wonder whether it is just me, who dont like background noise. and it crossed my mind that thank goodness i dont have kids. life is so peaceful without them. i think we have been brainwashed by society to think kids are great to have. i dont think so.

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