dust storm over the caribbean

25 Jun

london 5.17pm 32C sunny thursday 2020


oh, very hot day today , again. very nice blue sky and all that, and does not feel hot, at least inside my flat, because my flat keeps cool i noticed, maybe because it is an old flat, built in 1898, and in those days they do have very thick outside walls of brick. but whatever the reason, it keeps its temperature even throughout the year. and i dont need a fan, just the small breeze coming in through the slightly open windows is enough to keep it cool. 

i read there is a huge dust cloud overlying all of the caribbean, that cloud having floated across the atlantic all the way from the sahara. it seems it is quite a regular thing for dust storms to go across the atlantic , but usually they float over the amazon, and is a big factor in fertilising it. but  this year they seem to have floated further north, and not only that but it is a particularly huge one, so that it becomes noticeable, by bringing a yellowish haze all over that region, and now approaching usa coast even. and another big one is following this one.

i daresay there is another dust storm over the amazon too, but it is not big enough to make us notice it. even now i bet there are dust from the sahara falling down on us in europe and uk, but it is not noticeable that is all. 

we here in uk do get such dust storms from the sahara , quite often too, but this year they have all been diverted across the atlantic. or rather there is the dust here as well but not enough to be noticed by us.  so at least we dont have to have red dust coating everything, to add to our covid troubles. but this serve to remind us that the earth is quite closely connected.

talk about pollution, this dust cloud must dwarf all our puny polluting efforts, dont you think? are there anyone demonstrating against it,… anyone? fists raised in the air, and shouting, down with the sahara, stop polluting our air.

down here in uk, we are hopping about complaining of the crowds that go to bournemouth beaches, because of this sunny weather, and littering the place and breaking the 2meter apart rule.

it is so hot, and yet i am drinking hot tea from a pot of tea that i made just now. you might think me silly to be drinking a hot drink, but i believe it does cool us down. but right now i am craving a ginger biscuit, which i dont have because i forgot to buy a pack when i was in tesco last. 

fortunately i got lots of cream crackers, a smear of apricot jam on it seems to work wonders.

2 Responses to “dust storm over the caribbean”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday June 27, 2020 at 4:26 am #

    I am with you here – I love the humble cream crackers and will take it with butter and a kind of fruit preserve. It also goes very well with cream cheese. Enjoy your treat and I hope the cream cracker will live on and on for decades to come and not be eradicated for better sales in the newer flavors.

  2. alifesgayventure Saturday June 27, 2020 at 7:45 am #

    before, i used to put branson pickle on it, and it was a real treat, now i think many things can be put on it . its very versatile.

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