its much cooler in london now

27 Jun

london 5.35pm 19C cloudy saturday 2020

i am sure plenty of us bloggers must be having a quiet day with nothing of note to write about. it is so with me anyway. but i want to put my thoughts down just for fun.

its gone cooler now, and from the forecast , it looks like it will remain so for next week at least. so i am glad of it. it is lovely to have this cool weather.

just dont believe those hot air fanatics who want it hot. they dont know what they are asking for. people like those should be sent to  saudi arabia in summer,  where it is always above 30C for days on end and then we shall see if they still like it. they should be held in a place without air conditioning, then we shall hear them screaming, get me out of here.

but anyway, we are here in blessedly cool london now. so lets enjoy it.

even so i read that the travel agencies are flooded with people booking holidays abroad.  because uk have just changed its policy about quarantining return travellers, make it  more lenient in removing that 14 day quarantine for returning travellers, using a traffic light system of countries to determine which ones need quarantining.

i wonder how they will make sure people obey it. also what if the country you are holidaying in changes its status when you come back. haha. it will be fun and games then.

i read there are 100 more cases of covid , not sure if it is deaths or what, and frankly i dont know if others also feel the same as me, about not caring anymore about these figures. they are like fictional news .

i feel like that sunbather in a crowded beach in bournemouth who was interviewed saying he dont know anyone who has covid, (nevermind died from it) so it does not matter he said. i too dont know anyone who has covid either, far less anyone who had died of it.

i guess you could say this is all because of the govt applying the lockdown, so i should be grateful for their action that there are not more deaths. i suppose so. but now the govt have to decide when to ease the lockdown, and it is a gamble in a way. more deaths from covid or the economy dead , leading to more people going poor and dead from poverty.

maybe , if u weigh it up, death is going to happen either way, just different people dying. and anyway death is always with us… so might as well swing towards preserving the economy  and open up and let businesses operate like usual.

also, look at it this way… IF you get covid, and IF you get symptoms, and IF it gets so bad that u need to be hospitalised, and IF you dont recover and die, well, if the body immune system cannot overcome this virus, then perhaps you should say it is time to go. and then go.

i know, it is all very logical, and stoic in a way. but if it is time to go, go , dont hang around saying goodbye and never leave. and those who are left behind, dont hinder the soul wanting to leave, accept it and wish them well, and rest in peace in heaven or wherever souls go to. perhaps it is easier to give this advise rather than to live it. i hope i will accept it if any of my loved ones die. i think i will , because to me, lingering on long after the quality of life has gone is not something i would like myself. so for both dead and living , death is a good solution and a good ending.

ah, all this seem quite morbid to be thinking about so i shall stop.


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