new ways

28 Jun

london 1.31pm 18C sunny sunday 2020

its funny, but the weather website where i get the temperature says it is raining, but when i look out of my window, it is not, it is sunny with blue sky above. so i follow what i see outside instead of the website.

as for the temperature, this misstep makes me wonder if that is correct, but since i dont have a outside barometer i cant measure the outside temperature, so i have to use the weather website.

this morning simon tells me the kettle in the hall, that we use to heat water if we want it in the bathroom has sprung a leak. the water than gets onto the heating plate, which makes it very dangerous. so i threw it away. but kept the heating plate. this kettle i had found ages ago, and i tried to see the entry , if i made one, in my blog, just to find out  when i found it, but i could not find the post. so i dont know how long i had it. it must be quite a long time, maybe 4 yrs ago. ah well, it would be nice to find out, but nevermind. so now i dont have any found kettle that i am using anymore.

the one in the kitchen we are using now is a new one (even then it is not really new, it was bought 1 yr ago i think)bought by simon when he got fedup with my found kettles, and threw them all away. i managed to retrieve one or two, and stored it away, but i now dont use them anymore myself, and doubt i will use them in future. at the time  i was rather miffed at him, but we get used to the new ways, dont we? and we start to use the new way, and soon forget the old ways or even not want to go back to the old ways. 

since the lockdown, i have not found any more things in the recycling bins. so my hobby has now gone , just like many things that people do before the lockdown. as for my other hobby of going to free food offers at the opening of a restaurant or cafe, that i think have gone for good, even if we get out of lockdown. i wonder what we can find to take their places. 

added. 2.32pm, 

i just had a look out of the window and saw the ground is wet, which suggests that it was raining earlier. so the weather website was correct after all. it is funny that i did not notice the rain falling down. i think because it was so bright outside even when the rain was falling. 

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