my camera gone kaput

3 Jul

london 4.02pm 20C cloudy friday 2020


its a day before the pubs can open, tomorrow, and i was passing the white swan pub on my way back from lidls, and saw a man outside it sweeping and i said preparing for tomorrow are you? he nodded and smiled. it must be a huge relief for them that they can open for business.

simon bought a basil plant from the sainsburys yesterday, even though outside our window there is a row of basil plants growing in the courtyard. ah well, he said he went in to buy bay leaves, but they are not selling any and so he bought the basil . its the kind of logic that makes supermarkets make money haha.

i was able to resist it when i went to the lidls just now. i wanted to buy sardines, (and found that it is even cheaper than i thought, at 31p, so i bought 5), i thought they were 34p. compare that with tesco and sainsburys at 40p each.   and 2 packs cream crackers. then because of simon’s buying the basil, i wanted to eat mozarella and tomato salad, where it makes a big difference if u can put in fresh basil leaves to eat with it. so i bought those.

i resisted buying the chicken legs, which at £1.49/kg is quite a nice bargain. but i figured that the tesco willow farm whole chicken is better value. i think chicken drumsticks are too bony, so even if the chicken thighs have good meat on them, buying chicken legs means u have to get the drumsticks too.

ah well, now you know what keeps my brain active, making these finely calculated decisions to keep dementia at bay. haha. another way i know to monitor myself against dementia is my touch typing. i figure as long as i can do that, i have my senses intact. that is why  i like writing on my blog, it is an excuse to touch type, and keep up the practise to keep up my skill at it. 

my camera went on the blink today. i will have to hunt out the receipt from argos and bring it to the argos centre to see if it can be repaired. not sure if it is still under 1yr since i bought it. it would not surprise me if it is just over a year, as these things are built to go wrong just when their 1 year guarantee expires. 

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