still very deserted in central london

6 Jul

london 1.45pm cloudy 18C monday 2020

today i thought i shall go to the age uk headoffice, to see if they are opened. it was not.  i had thought that with the pubs and restaurants allowed to open , things would get back to normal , but it is not so.

all along the route there, and the bus goes through the centre of london , i saw all the shops closed. and one , a japanese place, was opened only for takeaways. so it looks like the way it goes now, if any eating place is opened, it is only for takeaways. no eating in the premises. the govt is saying that all businesses can open now, but the businesses are saying another, that there is so few customers, and/or the virus is not controlled yet, so that it is not safe for their staff to work, so the end result is no businesses are going to open to full working . i think also the govt paying their wages of the staff also makes people less incentive to go back to work. i think they still get paid 80% of their wages and they dont have to get back to work and run the risk of catching the virus. so what not to like , right? no wonder they dont want to go back to work. this furlough scheme ends in october. so perhaps that would be when the businesses will start seriously forcing their workforce to get back to work. the trouble is will there be any business to come back to? such a long time away will make customers change their habits and not come back . as it is many are realising they dont need that daily coffee from the coffee shop, nor do they need to shop for stuff, nor buy lunch instead of making it themselves.

the pubs may be opened and doing good business, but everything else is shut.

the streets are very empty, both in terms of people on the pavements, and traffic on the streets. very nice on the bus because it just moves through so quickly , no traffic to speak of. 


simon’s effort, quite nice actually.

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