half price meals in august

8 Jul

london 4.16pm 19C rain wednesday 2020

i have just read the news about it. we are all going to get a 50% discount on any meal we eat out, in participating restaurants,on a monday, tuesday,wednesday,  up to a limit of £10 a person or child, courtesy of the govt. this will apply only in august. it does not include alcoholic drinks. this is part of the big spend that the govt is giving out in the latest budget. i wonder how it is going to pay for it. there is also a vat reduction to 5%, from the present 20% till jan 2021. it will cost a lot of money. and there is all that money to pay everyone’s wages whilst they are in lockdown. it will mean the govt will have to borrow money. i wonder if the govt can print money instead. hope it will make businesses recover quickly and bring us back to before. 

added. 5.57am 16C thursday 9.6.20

i just realised that the offer must also apply to tourists, because they did not mention that everyone have to show proof and bring evidence that they live permanently in uk. so this is a chance for tourists to get subsidised meals courtesy of the govt. however, what with the corvid, foreign tourists must be in short supply. 

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