curry chicken

11 Jul

london 1.23pm 19C sunny fr saturday 2020

i really like tesco’s willow farm chicken. it is £2.43 for any size whole fresh chicken (1.1kg to 1.5kg) so i took the largest size they have 1.44kg), and am making a curry out of some of it. i kept the two breasts and chicken thighs to freeze to eat later. this is so that i dont have so much curry chicken to finish, i might get a bit bored of eating it. though sometimes, if i cannot finish it, or get bored with eating it,  i will  freeze the rest of the cooked chicken curry and that will be another ready meal for another time. but our freezer is quite small and there is no room for any more stuff.

it is now that i kind of miss not having any curry leaves. ah well, the good thing about cooking is that anything can do, even if some ingredients are missing, the dish will still turn out well.

whilst i was cooking, simon came into the kitchen and started preparing for his cooking. i know a lot of people like to share the cooking with another, they think it is a bonding exercise, but i admit i dont like it. it would be better if he had waited till i finish, as i find he gets in my way. if u are well organised you can do everything yourself and dont need others to help out. so this idea of everyone joining in to cook and bond is lost on me. my thoughts with all these people in the kitchen is get the hell out everyone. there are too many cooks in the kitchen!!

well, i quickly cleared up and left him in the kitchen, whilst my curry is simmering away on the stove top. oh my goodness, look at the time, i have missed the golden girls, on tv. but luckily there is a +1 button, where u can watch it again 1hr later. so that is what i shall do, as i am just in time for the +1 to start on another channel. i noticed that they get some real famous people to do cameo roles , usually as sophia’s date. she will say she is dating burt reynolds, or julio inglesias and every one will think, oh yes, some unknown actor who will turn up and he will have the same name, haha. but oh no, at the end, the real mccoy will turn up. 

added 1.44pm 

i turned the tv on, and could not find the program, then i realised today is saturday, not a weekday, so the golden girls are not on. when you are not working, it is easy to forget what day it is. 

i am seeing on tv another version of evil under the sun, an agatha christie murder mystery starring hercule poirot, this one is played by suchet, and set in a seaside town in england, so the weather was cold and not sunny, which makes it kind of funny because the victim was out on the beach sunbathing, and have a tan. haha. so hard to believe. 

another version which is more famous because it starred a lot of well known film stars, like maggie smith, and diana rigg, and set in a mediteranean island, so the sunshine was more authentic, with peter ustinov playing hercule poirot, is more enjoyable, but that cost £10million, whilst this one is a smaller affair. it is fun to watch these even though the plot is well known by now. but it is fun to see the acting,and the scenery and the screenplay. 

The hotel at Burgh Island, Bigbury-on-Sea, where this episode was filmed, is the one where Agatha Christie wrote the book “Evil Under the Sun”.
Filmed on Burgh Island, Devon, which also inspired Christie’s book “And Then There Were None”.
The Italian language title for this episode is “Poirot: Corpi al sole”, and it has been repeatedly aired as a stand-alone TV movie.

the italian title means bodies in the sun.

death on the nile, and murder on the orient express are two others that have lots of filmed versions. very enjoyable to see how they tweak the scenes whilst keeping true to the plot. there is a new version of murder on the orient express which i have yet to see, as it has not come to tv yet. 

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