wear masks in shops

14 Jul

london 10.53am 19C cloudy tuesday 2020

i went yesterday to the lidls again to buy two more packs of that clementines. this time, they were listed 49p, with a 99p figure crossed out. yet only saturday , the sign says 69p. haha. they want to trumpet that it is 50% reduced, but it wont influence you, if u look at the price and just satisfy yourself that it is a good price. buy things using that criteria and you wont be fooled. i wonder if on thursday when they introduce new bargains, these clementines might be reduced some more, if there are anymore of them not sold, just so they can clear the stock. 

the streets were busier when i went there yesterday afternoon. so perhaps people are coming out more now.

life is very pleasant for me, because i am not much affected by this lockdown. 

yesterday i found out that the golden girls re run have finished on tv so that is that.

and from 24july, we all will have to wear masks inside shops.this will mean supermarkets too. ah well, if it psychologically make people feel safer, so be it.

though i can see how lots will feel awkward in a restaurant, trying to mask themselves while they try to eat at the same time. haha. maybe they can all wear a burka. this may bring it back to a fashionable thing. i remember at one time, people have wanted to ban the burka, now they are the ones conforming to the rules.


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