free meatliquor beefburger

16 Jul

london 2.03pm 21C cloudy thursday 2020

i thought i shall get the free burger promised to me, by meatliquor, so i went there to their covent gdn branch. i have been to this place before to get a free burger from one of their free promotions, so long ago now that it feels like history. i must say that we ate there that time, and the burger is much nicer looking, not so squashed up, when it comes fresh from the kitchen on a plate. i tried to find that post in the blog, but i could not find it. so i wonder did i imagine that i ate here long ago, or what? i did recognise this restaurant so i must have come here before. 

added 7.26pm. i found the link to the past post where i got a freebie. reading it, i said the restaurant name was meatmarket. must be freudian slip. haha. hmm, and the freebie was for a chicken burger. i think it was a meatliquor restaurant, i must have got the name wrong. they sell chicken burgers too. and they did have a caeser salad chickenburger with lettuce in their chicken menu. 

 my recollection of it was not like for like, because we ate a chicken burger then, whilst now i have chosen a beef burger. i am glad i found that post. it brings back memories. what surprised me was the date we went last time. 16july 2019. so exactly a year ago, yet it felt so long ago. 


anyway, the restaurant is still there and looks about the same, quite a lot of people sitting on the tables there, it was about 1.20pm, so i am glad to see they are a bit busy.

i decided to get takeaway rather than sit at the tables, and the food was quite quickly done and i took the bus back, the same bus 87 that took me there. so it was not long to wait for the food, as the bus ended at aldwych, and was going back.

its quite nice the burger, salty of course because it has cheese and bacon. costs normally £9.50. they have not reduced it because of the 5% Vat, so i guess they might think it is not worth printing new menus, for the little amount of reductions.

most of us will not bother with the reduction i think, (15% of 9.50 is only £1.42!! what! that much? hey that is quite a lot. so maybe we should insist they reduce it. haha)  and just wait till august when it is all half priced. but will i go ? i forgot it is so salty, so that makes me hesitate.

i keep forgetting how salty all these eating places are . so i might go to the fish and chips shop instead. i will just buy the fish, as it is quite nice to have battered cod and it is quite difficult to make it myself. and perhaps i shall go to the malaysian restaurants just to taste laksa. or to chinatown to taste the roast duck and roast pork. and just tolerate the saltiness.

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