being a techie ignorant has its costs

18 Jul

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this morning i saw a report about some people having to pay to keep their email address, when they leave their broadband provider.

it seems this is especially so of BT subscribers. most are old people, who want to keep the bt email address. they complain that BT has caught them in a trap they cannot escape, but that is because they falsely believe that  it is too much bother to change the address, esp since they use it for their utility company, or banks, etc, as well as friends or family, but they are mistaken really. it is really easy to change the address… just sent an email to all telling them your new email address. that is it. they are scared that the utilities, or banks etc will lose all trace of them, and they will forever not be able to get mail from them… but people are scared of things they dont know. or scared of false knowledge.

 i remember reading a blog of someone who said she would never buy rice to cook, she buys ready cooked rice in packs, because once she said she saw a local woman washing and rewashing the rice , and slowly going through it to pick out stones, and other impurities and she said she will never buy rice if it means she has to spend so much time like that woman.

i was tempted to write to her and say it is not necessary for you to do that. the local woman has to do it because she is too poor to buy good quality rice, and have to buy cheap rice that has lots of extras in it, to increase the weight.

i remember seeing my mum  do it, too. but interestingly i never got the impression that it is too much bother to  put me off buying rice myself when i began to live by myself. my mum does it because we were too poor to afford more expensive rice. she goes through the rice to pick out stones, and unhusk rice. and she would wash the rice carefully and thoroughly, because there is a lot of impurities in the rice.

but now, i buy rice, but because i can afford more expensive rice, or i live in uk where there are strict rules about putting in other things in the rice you sell to get more profit,   i hardly need to be worried about stones or impurities in it, and so just need to rinse it once or twice to get rid of the starch.

but that woman has forever never buy rice just because of that first impression she got about it. 

but also being a techie ignorant has other costs too. for eg, you wont be able to find all the cheap deals, etc that you can get online, if u are a techie ignorant and not know how to use the internet.

however, there is another side of the coin situation, where knowing too much techie knowledge can make u spend more money . like getting the latest gadgets, or upgrading all the time, or buying iphones instead of any other brand.

you can be using more electricity because these gadgets really eat up electricity. a high definition large screen tv uses a lot of electricity, i have found out. even in my household where we dont have much gadgets, i noticed my electricity bill has gone up. no matter how i switch things off, etc, i cannot go back to using the amount i use up in the old days. now it is 1kwh more a day.

of course my usage is really low,now i use about 3.5kwh a day.( average use for uk is about 10kwh a day.) i pay 18p/kwh. average is 11p-21p/kwh. but i kind of accept that we use more gadgets now, and also our cookers, fridges, toasters washing machines  etc all need electricity to work, even the shower is electric and that uses hot water. so more electricity used. and we can get bad habits, like simon… he likes to keep the tv on, even though he is busy using his laptop, he tells me he is watching tv, even though he is using the laptop. but it is a habit of his to let the tv mumble away in the background, like people in the old days used to keep the radio on. 

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