i fear i will have a smartmeter changeover

21 Jul

london 11.51am 19C sunny tuesday 2020

i got a letter from my new electricity provider, eon, about replacing my old meter with a smart meter and asking me to call them for an appointment for them to do it. it is really quick of them to start changing my meter. after all, it is barely a month since i shifted to them. what is the rush i wonder? do they have a quota to fill? 

i am not keen on it, but i have agreed to it as a condition of the new contract. they provided a 0345 number to call if i have concerns about having workmen come in my flat during this corvid times,  (but the call number is not a free one, i think they should give us a free number to call).

i have concerns about it with everyone isolating themselves, i dont think this is a good time for strangers to come in to my flat.

i think my tariff will increase in future, once i got this smartmeter, and i think if i decide to change contracts with another provider. i think it wont be so easy to find cheaper tariffs offered to me once i got a smartmeter.

they will factor in the cost of installing it and the cost of the meter itself into any future tariffs. and all for what? to get daily readings from my meter?, but  they even said the smartmeter may not work if i move to another provider. maybe they hope that will make you reluctant to leave them. or more likely you will not find it easy to get cheaper rates from other companies , if u allready have a smartmeter .

they said that  they will fix it so the smartmeter gives them a reading every day, so that means it has some kind of wifi that can send this info to them via the internet. it seems they can monitor it right down to every hour. i can see the day when they will introduce different tariffs according to the time of day that u use it. for eg, more expensive for peak periods.  i guess this is the kind of future that electricity charges will be based on once i got a smartmeter installed. it means the tariffs will always go up.


while i was wandering around chinatown yesterday i got to wanting to eat chinese food, so when i got back i cooked this ho fun dish for dinner . very delicious it was too. i am glad i know how to cook. i cooked extra amount so that this one is the extra from yesterday’s dinner.

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