i like living in london

25 Jul

london 2.49pm 21C slight rain saturday 2020

it looks like near sunset and so i was surprised when i opened the classic editor and put in the time for this post to see it is not yet 3pm.

then when i looked up what the temperature was now , i saw the weather website says it is raining now where i lived. yet when i look out of the window , i see dark clouds, but no rain, until i remembered i must look out of the window at the ground, and then i saw it was wet. so it had rain, and might even be drizzling now, though it is hard to see it, because it is so bright. some people might be sad that it is raining, but not me. i am one of those people who dont like 30C temperatures. so this cool temp and light rain  is very pleasant for me. 

anyway i had been whiling away the time by looking at utube showing walking tours of fuengirola. you get a nice feel of the street life not only in the main drag, bordering the sea, but also inside the side streets that spread out from the sea.  and see the businesses in that area.

i had been following a blog by a guy who lives there, moved there with his boyfriend, both of them  from america, in 2011. they liked living there, in a flat overlooking the sea , so they have got a nice situation with sea views.

looking at the utube i try to  imagine myself living there, and realising that i dont think i will like it. it’s nice for a holiday but not to live there. at least for me. i am sure plenty would think it the ideal life. 

my basil cuttings, thriving well. i have to find some soil to transplant them into soon

i am always reminded how nice it is to live here,in london where everyone speaks english, and all the signs are in english. you can never know how wonderful it is to be able to understand everyone and every sign. you will only know it when  you live in a foreign place where everyone speaks  a different language than you. 

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