a fan

11 Aug

london 11.21am 30C sunny tuesday 2020

my breakfast porridge this morning. interesting that habits die hard, so that even though it is so hot, i still eat this hot porridge. though i make a bit of concession by waiting it to be cooled before eating it. and i still continue to drink hot coffee.

its really hot, even though temperature wise it is not as high as before. why is that? i think it is because we have such high temperatures ,over 30C for a week , and that makes the heat build up and we begin to feel it.

but i hope the forecast today is correct and that we shall be having thunderstorms all the rest of this week, for a week at least. that brings down the temperature to the high 20s.

it is so hot this morning that i have to close the curtains to one of the windows in the living room. usually i like the sun and cannot understand why people would draw their curtains, but now i know why.

it has never been hot enough for us to do like what people in the tropics do, close their windows to the sun in the heat of the day. but today it just is too hot to let the sun continue to shine in and heat up the room.

now i am glad i got the fans that i was given long ago. 

quite a pretty fan

i am glad the area here is very quiet, so that we can open our windows without it being so noisy from traffic. it is especially important at night, because we can leave our windows open while we sleep. the only problem is that i have to leave the curtains drawn, and that restricts the flow of air. 

added. 1.30pm 33C sunny

i have closed both window curtains in the living room, and surprisingly it is cooler. i thought closing the curtains will mean no breeze and we will get hotter, but that seems to be wrong. it has been cooler inside since i shut the curtains. now i can see why people in the tropics close their windows in the heat of the day… 

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