the rains have come

13 Aug

london 1.42pm 28C cloudy thursday 2020

the long awaited (by me) rains have come at last. we have been having forecasts which says rain is expected but it never came. yesterday i saw from the weather website that heavy thunderstorms were over marlow, which is to the west of london. quite fierce storms but it never came my way. but it rained in the early hours today, so the temperature went down, and this morning, it was like old times, very pleasant to sit out in the sun coming in through my window. at about 11am, the sun still felt weak enough. now i am waiting for the next lot of rain around 4pm, quite a heavy one too, so it will cool the heat down. i will get that feeling when the rains come after the drought, the joy of feeling the coolness when the rains come.

yesterday simon went golfing, and lost his keys. he thought he clamped it to the golf cart, thinking that would keep it safe, but it went missing. i gave him a spare set, when he got home. hope he dont make a habit of it. 

its 2.24pm and temperature has allready dropped to 26.7C

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