roast chicken

15 Aug

london 1.47pm 19C cloudy saturday 2020

i thought it looked like it was 6pm outside but it was only 1.48pm. it does seem strange this half light that we are getting. its been like this ever since dawn, i think, which may explain why i think it is allready late evening, it feels like a whole day have gone.

i was about to go out and buy food, until i remembered that our freezer needs defrosting, or rather needs us to manually remove the ice. i wanted to do it now , but simon says he will do it later in the evening , as he is busy now.

hmm, while i was writing this, he came and told me the fridge dont need defrosting… i thought there was a layer of ice on the walls, but now he showed me and i had a good look i realise the layer of ice is quite patchy, and not as thick as it looked at first. so it does not need defrosting after all…

i wonder if the fridge had been defrosting itself without me knowing… it could be… because i have noticed it seems to be using up a lot of electricity, and the outside walls of the freezer section felt hot like some machinery has been overworking full time.

ah well, if it does not need defrosting perhaps i can go out and do my grocery shopping now. the weather is keeping people away from the supermarkets, because i noticed from the website that it is not busy now. 

added 4.20pm 19C cloudy

i have gone and come back from the supermarkets and have finished my shopping.  i went to two supermarkets, a sainsburys and a tesco, and bought 2 whole tesco chickens,the £2.43 each.  one cooking inthe oven now, the other cut up into pieces and being frozen. the only thing i did was to keep   the spine/backbone to roast. it is in the oven now together with the other whole chicken.

not many know that the spine/backbone of chicken is delicious. i fancy roasted chicken today, after eating that free chicken burger yesterday. and got some carrots and potatoes to roast as well. with the temperature barely rising above 20C , it is cool enough to have the oven on without making the flat too hot.

i think it quite nice to be able to cook my own dishes. in malaysia i would not have bothered because we dont have an oven for one thing, but also it is so delicious and convenient just to buy food from the hawkers,there is so much choice to chose from; and they do it so much better than my own cooking, that it seems silly to cook at home. but mind you now and then, i want to eat my home cooked food, but only those that are easy and simple to prepare, plainly cooked chinese vegetables for eg, or plain salads because now and then, i get the craving for just raw salads with dressing.

hawker foods can be salty , and too much oil, which may be what makes them so delicious i guess. but the paradox is this, you cannot eat the same dish everyday. or rather u can but u dont want to. so maybe the fact that there are so many varieties of dishes maybe a necessity, so that no one need to eat the same dish everyday and can by eating the other dishes ring the changes doing the rounds of them, until you come back to that dish again, after you have satiated yourself with the others. this is so different from my own cooking… i can eat the same dish everyday and not feel fed up… i wonder why?

but i also notice this. i think people eat out in malaysia partly as a reason to get out of the house and meet up with friends, and socialise, or as something to do, whilst enjoying the food. in malaysia, i noticed people dont stay at home much. when the night comes, it is cooler outside so that tempts people to get out. 

added. 7.03pm 21C rain. at last, i can see it actually raining at my place and quite heavy rain too.


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