LA does not seem like a nice place to live there now

16 Aug

london 6.15pm 23C cloudy sunday 2020

they forecast rain but it never comes, they keep changing  the time when they expect it to rain, extending it, but again it never comes. yet i look up above at the sky  i can see dark clouds , no rain though.

when they cant even predict accurately where the rain is going to strike… and talking of strike, they say there will be thunder and lightning, but i never saw any of it.

but i guess i should be easy about it and not fret about it not raining.  though there is no rain as such, the temperature has been very cool, around 19C or so, and so very comfortable , so really no grousing there.

well, i guess times are really boring, if that is all i can find to talk about , the weather. and life is really uneventful. my life is usually uneventful anyway so i cant really blame the corvid for that , but in normal times, other people’s lives are not like mine.

i think most people lead more eventful lives than me. i like an uneventful life . but i imagine others  can go abroad and enjoy showing us their pictures of them enjoying themselves all over the world, but not now haha. now they show them rushing back from france to escape the quarantine.

this corvid is a great leveller, no advantage to having lots of money, they are just as equally affected and have to isolate themselves, albeit in their expensive million dollar homes, but all alone, without any staff, because they dare not risk getting corvid from them. and they have to do without their hairdressers and regular servicing haha. and all the money in the world still is no use as they cannot travel,(or rather they can but so restricted that it does not seem worth going) nor eat out in their expensive restaurants. and what is the fun of being rich if u cannot just go out anytime you like to eat in expensive restaurants and enjoy being served hand and foot by courteous staff, right?

i was reading about the homeless in LA taking over the streets, right next to the expensive houses that line the seaside, and thinking that Los Angeles cannot be very nice to live in now. and sure enough they report that the rich are deserting the city to go elsewhere, to texas or the east. elon musk has sold his complex of 4 houses to move to texas. whilst megan and harry has bought a mansion 2hours away from LA, with the danger from mudslides, according to the millionaire builder who built it. and not forgetting LA is prone to earthquakes too. and fires. the earthquakes reminds me why i always say i wont like to live there. i dont like living in a earthquake zone. i keep thinking of that prediction that a big earthquake is bound to strike that area and is long overdue. all those rich people there dont seem to mind, but they must have a lot to lose, apart from their lives,if it does strike. so why do they still want to live there? oh maybe because other rich people who are their friends live there. but now with all these upheaval going on, it might be the right time to move away from california altogether and seek other places where the rich can gather. 

added 12pm monday 17 aug. 22C cloudy

saw this article this morning that california is going to introduce a wealth tax on its rich residents. 

The tax rate would be 0.4% of net worth, excluding directly held real estate, that exceeds $30 million for single and joint filers and $15 million for married filing separately.

if anything will persuade the rich to flee the state, this one will. it includes their worldwide assets, not income or real estate. there is allready a income tax for the wealthy imposed by california. and real estate is taxed allready as property tax at a higher rate too. 

i think it will lead to an exodus or rather add impetus to the exodus taking place now. i wonder what are the low tax states . 

10 states with the lowest personal income tax rates
  • Wyoming.
  • Washington.
  • Texas.
  • South Dakota.
  • Nevada.
  • Florida.
  • Alaska.

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