life goes on as normal

20 Aug

london 7.46pm 22C sunny thursday 2020

its been a nice lovely sunny day , with temperatures in the low 20s, so very pleasant. i can remember in the past such low temperatures would feel quite chilly, but the recent highs have made the overall effect of warming up the air so it does not feel cold at all. i did not feel like going out that much. normally i would be restless and want to go out when the sun is shining, but not these days. i think all that lockdown have made me used to staying in and i got the habit now of staying in. very strange that.

anyway i have been taking readings from my meter, trying to figure out if the de-icing i did, have made any noticeable difference. but apart from the fact that the reading shows i used 3.2kwh over the 24 hr period, which was lower than the average of 3.5kwh that i normally used, it may  be too soon to make a conclusion. i shall have to wait for a month’s reading to see if it averages 3kwh. if that is so, than i can say it might be improving, but it depands on simon cooking . if he does a lot of cooking, it would just make the whole exercise meaningless. ah well, nevermind, if we use more , than we use more and that is that.

simon has been telling me he has been suffering a lot of pain from his joints. he has a form of arthritis, that made his joints less lubricated with fluid and makes the cartilage that covers the ends of the bones in the joint less pliable. so that the ends of the bones grate against each other causing pain. it is a side effect of his medication. he is normally very uncomplaining about it, so it must be particularly bad this time for him to even mention it to me. he wonders if it is the change in the weather, like what normal arthritis sufferers can be affected by weather changes. it has been raining a lot recently.

life goes on as usual around here. i am sure some are more affected than others, but i have not any contact with other human beings nor my friends so only knows about what is happening if i read it in the news. and that i do via the internet online news websites. i wonder how the newspapers are doing, i have not read a newspaper for ages. they must be losing money. i get to read the free newspapers if i find one on the bus or at the bus station.

today simon picked up the metro free newspaper, and in it i saw there are vouchers for macdonalds big mac plus fries / salads for £2. i think if you use it for mon-wed, you might even get further reduced  for £1, on the govt half price offer. i will see if i can find a macD open near me and try it.  i seldom pay to eat out, and have lost that habit. 

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