24 Aug

london 6.38am 15C cloudy sunrise 6.02am sunset 8.06pm monday 2020


i got this article titled dirty green energy, in my feed, which warns us that so called clean energy can produce toxic wastes, when the lead and cadmium used in solar panels leach into the water, when those solar panels get old and have to be replaced. and the blades in the air turbines , those will need disposing off in huge quantities when they reach the end of their working life. and their working life is short too. it looks like there is no such thing as clean energy. there will always be the problem of disposing off the toxic wastes. everything made by us, ends up as waste in the end. the more clever we get inventing things, the more waste there will be.

if we dont invent stuff and just live and eat and shit that is the only way we can recycle our waste. everything else we do we are polluting the planet. but not inventing things makes life dull for us. the whole thing about us humans is our inventiveness. 

so it looks like we should just let it go and not be too concerned about the planet, it should be able to change, and if it leads to climate change, so be it.

for all we know, the climate might change even without our input anyway, as we have seen from the age old records, of countless climate changes over the history of the planet.

we need energy and the means of producing it, so i think we should carry on using fossil fuels, as well as solar and wind (nuclear seems to be coming more advocated now.)and all the others.

have a diverse source of energy, so we spread the risks of being too depandant on only a few source of energy. we should not put all our eggs on a few baskets, that is what it boils down to.

for those who are worried that we might pollute our planet so much that it makes it impossible for us to live on it, well i say so be it. if we go the way of the dinosaurs, well so what, we shall be lucky to live as long as them, 150million years i think they were around… we should be so lucky. haha. 

added 7.43am,

i found another article about it, burying the truth, which tells more about it. 

Michael Moore, American award-winning documentary filmmaker, author, and activist is a case in point. Despite holding a decidedly left-wing world view, Moore was executive producer of the documentary, Planet of the Humans, (this is a video)which completely destroys the myth that wind and solar power are environmentally friendly. 

at first i found the video very difficult to follow, because i cant make out  what they are saying…(it is my fault, i am a bit deaf) but i found a subtitle button and got the subtitle switched on and after that it was great. i mean great that i can follow everything said, but not great in that the message he gave that we are not going to be able to be saved by switching over to renewal energy.

Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All Hardcover – Illustrated, June 30, 2020 Michael Shellenberger. looks like this book has galvanised all these articles about the toxicity of green renewals

we all know that saying, no good deed goes unpunished , or the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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