pen and storms

25 Aug

london 11.34am 18C cloudy tuesday 2020

the storm freddie francis that they have been saying is going to  hit us will finally arrive in  london, later today in the evening. winds of up to 44km/hr , 27mph. not much rain though, at least from the forecast. perhaps they dont go together, and we get the winds and rain separately.

there is actually a strong breeze coming into my window now. but it is intermittent, and the plants outside are not showing it, being quite still. 

ah well, we are not at sea, so strong winds on land dont mean much; and can go without us noticing it, especially if we are indoors with the windows closed and the curtains drawn. i am glad to be living in these modern times, when whatever the weather throws at us, is hardly noticed. though u can always rely on some one dying of it, either they are on land and still they manage to get themselves swept out to sea, or a tree falling on them. what are the chances of that happening? must be very slim, but you can bet on it, that someone will get killed that way.

i found a 4 colour bic ball point pen yesterday on the bus.

rather nice, though nowadays i hardly write much. it is a schoolchild’s pen, i think. because only school children have any use for multi coloured pens, don’t they? i pick pens up whenever i find them. 


a bic pen made in france

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