shopping for chillis

27 Aug

london 3.44pm rain 17C thursday 2020

i was glad i went to the east end to buy chillis earlier today, because it is raining now. i knew it will rain because it was forecast, that was why i decided to go there earlier.

i had run out of chillis, from the last batch i bought 2 mnths ago. today, the chillis were quite small, but there were 500mg of it for £1. i am hoping small means they are also very hot because my experience of chillis, are that if they are small they are hotter than average. we shall see, as i have them freezing now and have not yet got to eat them. 

the trip to the east end, upton park , was very pleasant, because i now found out that using the jubilee line, cuts short the journey a lot, rather than using the district line.

the jubilee line between waterloo and west ham, goes very fast and have fewer stations. i cant help thinking that the whole journey would cost about £7, including buses, and tubes and if i had to pay for it, it would make the whole exercise quite pointless. it means i go all the way there to buy £2 worth of vegetables, whilst paying £7 in travel fare. but because i get a freedom pass which gives me free travel on all the london transports, it is a nice outing for me and allow me to get my chillis at a bargain price. i got tomatoes too at 86p/kg which is a very good price too. 

in the market i noticed a long queue of people waiting to buy at one butcher shop yet a few doors down, another butcher shop has no customers. i wonder why?surely they all must be selling at about the same price. i did not bother to check them out . it will remain a mystery to which i am not too bothered to find out the answer.

i also noticed the baker shop at the entrance to the market  was closed. they have a notice saying one customer allowed in the shop at a time. maybe that is why it is closed, because it seems a bit over cautious to limit one in , one out policy. who wants to wait really.

that reminds me the last time i went, about 2 months ago, the market had a policy of making it a one way route, having separate entrance and exit, which was quite a bother really, with people mingling together anyway  after they entered the market, so i guess it must have made them realise it was not a useful precaution, because today they have dismantled all the barriers and just let people go in and out wherever they like. 



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