eating out is a big hassle now but only because it is the last day of the eotho offer

31 Aug

london 5.39pm 18C cloudy monday bank holiday 2020

simon likes to see the malcolm in the middle series, and found a channel on freeview that shows all the old episodes. looking at the kid who acted malcolm, i wondered how old he is now. which reminded me of a recent tweet by mcculkin, the kid who acted in home alone, he said hi guys want to feel old? i am 40. it really makes me feel old. that the home alone kid is now middle aged.

 i finally went to the macdonald to get the eat out to help out govt scheme. but even though i went to the macdonald in victoria st, about 4.30pm when i thought the crowd should be reduced a lot, it did not help.  when i got there i saw a chinese guy being refused entry by the woman doorkeeper. and then while i was watching, a white couple came and also got talking to by the doorkeeper, and they too were refused entry. i asked him, what was going on, and he said it seems they are too full for sit in customers… and i gathered you could opt for takeaway but that would not be half priced. well, that puts paid to my desire to get that offer.

nevermind really, because i am in two minds about it, and just went in a half hearted attempt to at least try, so that i can say at least i tried. haha. looking in through the window i see that people have to use the screens to order, that means it takes only credit cards, and not cash, and i only have cash so that wont be much use for me either.

how crowded they are depands on their policy. i saw a whole row of seats along the window and also a row of bench tables along the wall that were roped off. they could easily be opened and still keep distance. but i suppose the management wants to limit it .

i can see why so many businesses prefer to stay shut, as the numbers they can seat wont give them a profit, even with the half priced offer. nevermind what september will be, when the offer is over. they might not get any customers. i went into the cardinal place shopping complex opposite the macdonalds, just to wander around. and saw only one high end restaurant opened and they were very busy, but they were able to use the open seating outside, as well as a vast seating area inside. they are doing well getting full advantage  as their prices easily top the maximum £10 discount that the govt is giving. and people go there because there is not much choice of places that are open. 

the govt is now trying to get people back to their offices and work, but they were so successful in driving the original message of stay at home, save the nhs, that now to do a  about- face and tell people to go back to work, just wont convince people.

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