having a chinese takeaway today

4 Sep

london 7.01pm 18C cloudy friday 2020

you would think 18C is quite warm, and normally it would be, but not today. it just feels colder, because it is very cloudy, dark rain clouds outside,( but  no rain is forecast), so that things look very gloomy and darkish.

i suppose it is typical september weather. haha.

i was about to make a celery and chicken stir fry, and got the meat out and cut it up, when simon said he had allready ordered a chinese takeaway. it is rare for us to order a takeaway, so i put everything away and settled to wait for it to come. 

most probably i could make my stir fry dish quicker than the takeaway to come, but i guess it is nice not to have to bother. haha. we cooked the rice in the automatic rice cooker because a good way of making a takeaway stretch is just order the dishes and not order the rice.for those of us with a rice cooker, it is much easier, and cheaper to make your own rice. unless you order their special fried rice of course. 

added 7.38pm

well, the food has come and we have eaten it allready. we must be hungry, we ate it so quickly. but we did not finish it all. i have noticed this of shop bought food. it fills me up rather quick. or rather i am quickly satiated. unlike if i were to eat my own cooked food, i find i can and do have seconds, or if i dont, i feel like having more, but control myself not to eat too much. and keep it for another meal later. 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

simon got roast duck, sweet and sour prawns, spring rolls (3) with its dip,and  stir fried pork egg noodles. i ate the first lot with duck and noodles,then went back to load up with the sweet and sour  with our rice. first we had the starter of  spring rolls. they were fried, so rather oily but it was nice with the dip, a vinegarish dip.

there was still more left over of the dishes to eat another day, most probably by simon as i think it is quite enough for me.

added 2.47pm saturday 5.9.20

simon tells me it is about £30 , free delivery on orders over £20. he told me which name it is, and i recall it was a place in pimlico which i passed by on my way to the sainsburys. but only yesterday i saw their sign being replaced with peri peri fried chicken. so that branch must be changing owners. the dishes cost about £6.45 on the shop menu when it was still operating, but in the online menu the dishes are £8.50. so it looks like the online prices have the delivery charge applied to them. simon misread the discount of 20% that is for weekdays, and 10% discount for weekends, include friday. so he did not apply it otherwise he could have £3 off his order. ah well, next time . it is one of the few places where u can go direct to their website and order off the menu there. many places dont have this, and you have to order via one of the delivery companies like deliveroo, or lets eat etc. and they would have their prices adjusted to pay the delivery company plus delivery charges. 


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