food and freebie

6 Sep

london 10pm 15C dry night sunday 2020

its quiet around here, that is because the extinction rebels have taken the day off from their demonstrations, and so we dont have helicopter flapperty flap flapping above.

but the news has quite a lot of knifings in uk. somehow i dont feel so frightened about them, unlike hearing about gun killings. it might be psychological, somehow hearing about 9 hurt and one killed in a knife rampage by a man, (in the gay village in birmingham) does not sound so horrifying than if it was a report of a similar incident   done with a gun. maybe because   it would be definitely more killed if a gun was used. but we have so many reports of knife killings that i have got desensitised to them now.

i still get the feeling of being very safe in london, which is a nice feeling to have, rather than always being afraid to go out for fear of being killed or robbed or whatever. perception is everything, isn’t it? today i went to asda to buy 1.9kg shoulder pork to replenish my freezer of it. i frozed all of it. i did cut it into 4 pieces first so that i can eat it bit by bit  to make it last. its just to flavour the dishes really.

i came back to find simon had taken 2packs of frozen raw king prawns out of the freezer. i thought he had made a mistake and asked him about it, but it seems he wanted to make chop suey and wanted the prawns to thaw first. i thought 2packs is rather a lot, but there you are. it is a luxury to be so extravagant about it, but an affordable one.

anyway it did not turn out as nice as the fried noodles with prawns that he did yesterday. that was very nice though i did suggest that he fry the garlic first.

this chop suey was just prawns with bean sprouts in a sauce. i thought he would be making noodles to go with it, but no, instead i happened to cook rice , and he used my cooked rice. it can be done i suppose though i had thought it goes better with noodles. i had intended to eat the rice with a can of sardines in sunflower oil and fresh cut tomato , and a bit of ketchup,mixed with it. i find it is a lovely meal to do if u just want something to eat that is easy to do. 

anyway i found out just now browsing their website that tesco is doing whole willow farm chickens 1.1kg-1.5kg for £2.33. in the past it was £2.43. they were price matching with aldi so i guess aldi has reduced their chicken price.  but it is a good bargain so tomorrow i shall go and buy one. and torn between roasting it and doing a chinese hainanese chicken. most probably i will go for the latter as it uses a lot less electricity and is a change from roasting. it is very nice to be able to dream of food and/or decide how to cook it, and anticipate eating it. 

today i got notified of a freebie, halo burgers are giving away 100 free vegan burgers in shoreditch on tuesday from 12pm. and not only that , they are donating £2.39 (they say it is the cost of a macD triple cheeseburger…sounds like good advertising for macD… i must say that attracts me more. a basic halo burger costs like £6 . it is strange that a vegan one is so much more expensive. ) to a local food distributing charity.

to me vegan is not as nice as meat, but i guess if it is free…. haha. and who knows, i might like their fake meat burger.  it is the 2nd freebie event during these corvid times, so i guess we are craving such freebies now and hope more of it will be the norm from now on. 

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