free halo burger, vegan

8 Sep

london 12.51pm 22C sunny tuesday 2020

they gave us chips as well, even though it is not included in the offer. nice touch that. because the chips offset the saltiness. at first, but as u eat the bottom of the pack, you start eating the salted chips…and provide a different texture to munch on.

so this is what a vegan burger tastes of. actually it was salty, so that was what it taste of. and the saltiness may be due to the cheese, and not only because of the salt in the patty.

and to be honest, even a meat burger will taste of this, salty, so no difference there.  its texture is quite good, like a meat burger. so that is the thing they got right. it has not got the meaty smell. and it is not oily, which a meat burger will be. those are qualities which a vegan will not want, so i guess u can say they are plus points to a vegan. but to a meat eater those will be minus points. i think the smell of charred meat is rather nice and may even be the whole point of eating meat…along with the taste of charred flesh…  but than i am biased. hmm, i wonder why they dont have the charred taste … you could do it with vegetables but maybe it might be too difficult to get the veg charred without breaking it all up.

the three vegan patties that make up the burger got squashed together after some time of eating, which  the meat patties wont be. if grilled separately those meat patties will remain separate but the vegan ones have merged, from the pressure of my hands holding the buns. how crucial  is that point to a vegan? 

i like them keeping their separate shape, instead of becoming a homogenous mass.

i suppose a vegan will like this because of its pleasing texture. though later when it becomes a homogenous mash, it losts that. the buns were soft, and at the end of the meal, the top bun completely disintegrated. i am a meat eater so i dont think my opinion counts here. it is meant to appeal to a vegan, so it would be nice to hear what the others say, who are vegans.

i dont think they should try to compare it with meat burgers. surely vegan burgers can have its own taste and texture that is unique and special to vegetable based patties that is even better tasting than meat… that must be the selling point surely. so if they can invent a veg patty that has the texture, charred smell and taste of roast vegetables (which is really very nice in its own right), they would have a winner that would even attract meat eaters. its lovely to have a free burger, especially in these corvid times, when businesses are suffering. so i do hope people go and eat there. 

2 Responses to “free halo burger, vegan”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday September 9, 2020 at 9:12 am #

    I have not tried a vegan burger. They do have fake meats here but I think of Chinese vegetarian mock char siew and I think I do not need to try fake meat burgers. I do like the vegetarian noodles that comes with mock meats, popiah etc. Not cheap too the fake meat burgers here!

  2. alifesgayventure Wednesday September 9, 2020 at 9:28 am #

    the cost of the vegan burgers must be a big factor in whether they will replace real meat burgers. and if you have health concerns, just eat less of the meat burgers. that way u kill two birds with the same stone. eat less meat and also save lots of money.

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