enjoy your life

9 Sep

london 8.35am 17C bright clouds wednesday 2020


its a lovely morning,its very  bright even though the sky is very cloudy. i got a cup of coffee here , i have changed to using the microwave to heat it up instead of heating water in my electric kettle. this way i only heat up what i need, whereas if i use the kettle, even with minimum level water, i still heat up more water than i need. its a small change in habit, but i am sure over time, it is a huge change in my bill. i most probably wont notice it but it is there.

what i do notice is lowering the thermostat to the fridge has brought about a significant change in my usage. that i notice, because it is so dramatic.

speaking of coffee reminds me that pret is giving us a £20 a month subscription to free coffee , up to max 5 cups a day. whilst leon is giving us ‘unlimited’ coffee for £15 a month (up to 75cups a month about 2.5cups a day). for a coffee addict that must be heaven. obviously this is aimed at the office worker, hoping that they will come into the store for it,and then buy their lunch there.

my friends are on holiday in sardinia, and i read a blogger is also there as well, so in spite of all the news we read of quarantine for travellers, people can still travel if they want to.

as for lockdown in uk, london is not affected by it, but how many are back at their offices i have no idea. are they returning or not? who knows. i dont care . it is a problem for govt . for us ordinary people we can leave it to them to tackle it. 


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