10 Sep

london 6.50pm 18C dry thursday 2020

a note taped to the wall outside my ground floor neighbour’s flat, asking us to take the tomatoes growing on her window ledge, or they will go to waste, so i picked some.

there is nothing much going on in my life, thank goodness in a way, because it means it is a peaceful day for me, pottering around. drinking cups of coffee or tea, making my meals, which are all very quick to do, as today there is no long cooking sessions, from either of us.

i did go out this morning, the ostensible reason was to the sainsburys to see if they have stocked up with the trophy basmati rice that they are selling for £10 per 10kg. but the number of times i went there hoping to find it, were failures. none in stock. 

i was wondering if i can order it in the store but there was no customer service counter , so i did not ask.

the other way is to buy it online, and pay the delivery fees, as well as pay with a credit card. but i dont have a working card now, but also i am reluctant to pay the delivery fees. i got an email from them saying they can give me a £10 voucher if i buy more than £60 of stuff, that would pay for the delivery fees, but i cant find that many things to buy from them that will cost total of £60. simon most probably could as recently he has been going to the local sainsburys and spending £14 each time. that branch has certainly made it convenient for him to shop, because it is so nearby. i noticed even if u do the click and collect option, if u buy online, they will still charge you £4.

i read today that diana rigg had died, aged 82. if u say, who she? it means you are not my generation haha. or live in another part of the world. it just reminds me of the passing years. 



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