morning glory

20 Sep

london 1.05pm 23C sunny sunday 2020

a glowing morning glory in the st anne’s churchyard. and all along my way to the supermarket were hedges bearing lots of orange coloured berries. but no birds eating them. i did not see a single insect or bird at all this morning. except for one wood pigeon. so maybe they are around but keeping out of my sight. but none of them seem to like eating the numerous berries that are cropping up all over the place.
a portion of home made coleslaw that i made today out of celery, white cabbage, carrots, onion,sultanas. so delicious that i had two helpings from the big batch i made.

another lovely day. its very peaceful and uneventful. maybe many might find it too boring, because nothing is happening. but to me it is lovely that nothing is happening. i know everyone wants things to happen so they can write about it. but i enjoy the gentle rhythm of the day, the even tenor of its progression from sunrise to sunset and night time. i wonder whether as we get older,we forget old pleasures, and so now the day might bring to mind, things we have forgotten and we get to enjoy those sensations that are triggered by those things again, like it is new. certainly with foods, i am reminded when i taste something that i have eaten before and am struck by how nice it is. that brings back lots of nice memories and i enjoy the taste of it again. seeing that morning glory flower is another sight that stops me in my tracks. i have seen plenty of morning glories, but how strange to be struck by this one, so bright and unearthly glow. the camera caught it brilliantly, and so i shall have it to remind me of it. then, i am seeing on tv a repeat of the pride and prejudice version starring jennifer ehle. it is the best version of it and it brought back to my mind those days when i was here in london to watch it when it first came out, in 1995. seeing it now, there are so many scenes i have forgotten. how unreliable are memories. at least mine… i seem to have forgotten so much so it is nice to see this again and be reminded.

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