rain is welcome

23 Sep

london 8.53am 16C rain wednesday 2020

yesterday was supposed to be the autumn equinox, but according to my weather website, it is not yet 12hrs equal day and night. 

today wed 23.9.20

Length of Visible Light
13 h 14 m
Length of Day
12 h 8 m
Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 54 seconds shorter

so it looks like another two days before we get equal day and night. still, we dont really notice any difference in our day unlike the solstices, when a short day is really very obvious and we all notice it. we are supposed to be starting autumn now, but the leaves on the trees are still green. that is because it has been quite warm really, or more importantly, no sharp frost , which is i think how the plants figure out that colder climate is coming. 

my life goes on its uneventful way. i have to transplant the basil cuttings that i have been cultivating in water on my window ledge to the soil in the planter outside as it was getting very big and turning yellow. i have still plenty of basil in the original pot, because i noticed i dont like basil that much. haha. the only time i use it is when i have a salad of mozzarella cheese with tomatoes, with olive oil, then the basil leaves gives it added taste. i dont use it as pesto for my pasta, which is the normal use for it. 

this is my transplanted basil , taken just after i put it there yesterday. you can see it is looking very yellowish. this morning it rained, so it might look fresher today.

added 2pm

taken just now and you can see how green the leaves are still. that building is a primary school


i just realised that it is autumn, so i might have sentenced my basil to an untimely death, by putting it outdoors now. haha. also it is now vulnerable to slugs and other eating pests. well, at least someone else is getting a feast, since i am not interested in eating them. but slugs are quite rare here, i have not seen any. i am a city boy, very glad that there are no slugs and snails in the city. or flies, or mosquitos. i am sure maggots can grow like crazy in the garbage bins, and dustmen have to deal with them in summer. not a pleasant job. 

this is a nice plant i see growing in the garden, so a nice sight to take our minds off maggots and slugs.

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