real equinox today

25 Sep

london 8.16am rain 9C friday 2020

Sunrise 6:52AM sunset 6:53PM

Length of Day12 h 0 mTomorrow will be 3 minutes 54 seconds shorter

11.40am 12C cloudy

i took a bite of it before i remembered to take the picture.

i was reminded of lidl croissant, when i went back to a post one year ago, so i went there this morning to buy one and brought it back to eat with coffee. it was 35p then, now it is 37p. it brings lots of memories to me chiefly of my holidays in capd’agde,france in the 90s. but nevermind about 25yrs ago, even a year ago, i noticed such a lot of difference in my life then from now.

i thought of looking up my posts in september 2019, and such a huge difference. it is nice to have a blog so that i can go back to look at what i did and be reminded. i tend to forget.

i see last year 26th sept was the real equinox day. this year it is a day earlier. and there was mention of dumpling festival that day, but no mention of anyone giving away free dumplings this year, so doubtless that too is a victim of the corvid pandemic. 

One Response to “real equinox today”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday September 26, 2020 at 8:47 am #

    I love croissants too…great with coffee. 37p is reasonable. Here at Delifrance it costs me $3.70 each or $5.70 for 2 at Esso gas stations who bake it.

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