just my normal day

26 Sep

london 7pm 11C dark now dry. sunset 6.51pm sunday 2020

its quite dark out there, usually when the sun has just set, it will be still bright, but not today. the weather website says it is raining now. but not at my place, but there are dark rain clouds all over the sky, so that might be why it is so dark now. it looks like it will rain till the forecast says it will stop at 7.30pm. it amazes me how precise they can be, that they can give the time when it will stop. 

nowadays i am mostly indoors. only time i go out is if i go grocery shopping. such a contrast to the past when i would be going to one free food giveout or another. those were the days.

most of the time nowadays i think of food, what to eat for one meal, and then planning what to eat for the next meal. haha. i enjoy it, because i love to eat my own cooking and can do so without fear of getting fat. haha.

if there is a variation, it is from simon doing the cooking.

the other thing i do is sleeping, taking short naps at random throughout the day , whenever i feel sleepy. very nice to do really. but these kinds of activity, if u can call it that, is all very nice for me, because it is the kind of thing that i usually do anyway… but i think if i were younger, my younger self wont like it. haha.

the young me  would want to go out and about, and also i would love to travel abroad, and there enjoy meeting and chatting with people , and sampling the stuff they have. so glad i did all that in the past when it was so easy to travel the world.  travel is now not worth doing, not only the bother of getting there, but once there you might be caught up in a lockdown or quarantine that means u are restricted in what u can do or where u can go. might as well have stayed at home.

unless you are like my friend, who has recently gone on holiday to sardinia. they like just the idea of travelling to another place, where they isolate themselves in a bnb house away in the countryside away from people. so not mixing with the locals is fine by them. they like doing their own thing, with themselves whilst enjoying a new and different  scenery;  but not everyone is like them.

so i bet now most people will be really irked by the lack of things to do , that is if they are not allready frightened of losing or have lost their jobs and livelihood. 


sainsburys is having some kind of promotion, nectar points to be won by buying fruits and veg, as well as points for buying certain food items. it is rather fun to do, and adds a bit of points gaining , which can add up to quite a lot of money off. simon has been doing a lot of shopping from the sainsburys express store near us, so has been piling up the points on my nectar card. normally i would not recommend shopping in sainsburys…because they are more expensive. but simon dont seem to mind, he likes the convenience of having one so near, it is like his personal grocery store. 

3 Responses to “just my normal day”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday September 27, 2020 at 3:51 am #

    It is good to chalk up points from groceries. I get that too here and am delighted when I have a couple of dollars to offset new bill each time. Silly but even a few cent also delights me! LOL!

    • alifesgayventure Sunday September 27, 2020 at 8:53 am #

      so singapore also do these points thing. i am surprised because last time i was there, which admittedly was a long time ago, i dont see a lot of discounts, which makes it a expensive place for us malaysians, as our ringgits are like Rgt3 to S$1. here the nectar points can be a lot. for eg, if i buy a veg oil1lit for £1.10, i get 110 points, worth 55p. but most of the offers are not like that. i think we get such good offers because they are tailored to us, because simon is such a good customer. he spends a lot with them.

      • Garfield Hug Sunday September 27, 2020 at 10:05 am #

        Yes the major chains all have points system now that truncates to dollar values for redemption. Same with petrol. It is not a lot something is better than nothing is my take. NTUC is the key one and Giant with Sheng Siong. Most expensive is Cold Storage.

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