changing passwords and remembering them

30 Sep

london 6.34pm 16C rain wednesday 2020

i got a pop up warning from my chromebook saying some breach has occurred and to ask me to change the passwords and it gave me a list of the sites that i belong to which have been breached. i noticed all of them are those where i use a simple password.

fortunately only 3 i use regularly, so i changed them to a more complicated password, with a capital letter and a number.

i have not changed a password before, so it was a new experience to do it. in fact, they all ask for the old password to confirm, and i have forgotten it, but luckily i could find it in some of them, because they allow me to unhide the word. and also i could find it in my address book where i have written the password all those years ago when i first started them.

i must say i will get real frightened if they ask me to change it again, because i have run out of a password that i can remember easily.

i know it should not be done, to use a common password for all of them, but if i dont do so, i shall forget them and then i will be in more trouble when i cannot get in.


ah well, lets hope that will be the last notice i shall get from them of any breach necessitating another change of password.

my chromebook remembers the password, so it is a useful function, but at the same time, rather dangerous, because since i never have to type in the password, i forget it, and when chrome book does it for me, it hides the password so i cannot see it to be reminded of what it is.

sigh, i think whoever inherits my will, will have a lot of difficulty clearing my affairs . it will be a headache for them.

simon has come back from wherever he went to all day. and immediately started cooking. haha. i have allready cooked a curry chicken, my method is the most economical in electricity, but even so i used .5kwh. with him i think it will be like 3kwh. he uses the oven and also the induction hob, both i think are greedy eaters of electricity… so it will destroy my daily target of electricity usage. (which is 3kwh/day). 

and i noticed he has found out how to use the nectar points to pay for his purchases. because i saw he has used 3000 points, almost all the accummulated points there , to pay for his latest purchases. so there goes all that money in it… about £15. oh well, since he is the main person adding to  the points from his purchases, i guess it is only right that he spends it.

my life goes on normally as usual here. very uneventful really.

we have all these political events and climate scares,and BLM things and the corvid thing, but fortunately i am not the prime minister so i can forget about it. haha. how lovely not to have to worry about it or to deal with it. let others whose job it is to bother with it get on with it.

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