free doner from ottoman doner in east end

1 Oct

london 6.39pm 13C dry sunset now, but cloudy so sun is muted. thursday 2020

this is the free doner kebab given out to us, in a takeaway box. in a box it looks like not a lot, but decanted into a plate when i got home, it has a lot of meat. this is an open dish, not the usual presentation of wrapped in a doner bab. there is a small bap underneath the meat, too small to hold everything as a wrap.
this is the free nan that steve gave to me. they got it from a free food handout of recycled food. they have got loads , one of us took a bag of it but i only wanted one pack which looked quite big. later when i opened the pack, i saw there were two big nans inside. so much of it.

to get to this place i went through the blackwall tunnel, taking the bus from north greenwich station. it is my first time under the tunnel, even though i have lived in london for ages but never needed to go underneath the thames like this before. it is only for auto traffic , not suitable for cyclists or walkers. its a longer tunnel, with a few twisty turns going up north, rather than the return journey of a straighter tunnel so shorter, going south. and quite small size really, only two lanes wide each way, though quite high ceiling which is rounded. 

added. 10.24am fri 2 oct. 


Why is the Blackwall Tunnel curved?

If you’ve ever driven through the Blackwall Tunnel, you’ll notice that the tunnel has several sharp bends so it could align with Northumberland Wharf to the north and Ordnance Wharf to the south, as well as avoiding a nearby sewer.

Another reason for the curved tunnel is due to the fact that the main mode of transport when it opened was horse and cart, so the tunnel had to be curved to avoid the horses seeing daylight at the end of the tunnel and bolting towards it.

i got there about 40mins early and allready a large crowd of school boys were ahead of me. i was joined later by steve and his wife. usually they come early before me and are head of the queue and i am able to join them, and jump the queue a bit, so it is nice to be able to return the favour to them, with me earlier than them. later when they gave us numbered tickets, we were about the 50th, so half way from their 100 limit.

the open dish they gave each of us  is  £7.80. i thought it was the doner kebab, wrapped in a bap, which was £6, judging from their online menu ;  actually i would like that, as it is easier to eat on the move.

as it is, there was no place to sit nearby, or rather we could go to the open space in the all saints church yard, but not been there before so not willing to chance whether it is a nice place to linger …  so i decided to return home. 

from the crowd in the queue, i think their target customers must be the school kids , and i think my guess is right, because they chose 4pm as the opening time to hand this out, that would fit in with the schools finishing time to allow the pupils to get into the queue. majority of the queuers were sixth formers from a local school. 

it is quite nice, the kebab. steve on the bus back suggested that i reheat the nan and use it to hold the doner meat and salad, and make it into a wrap. quite a nice idea, but i was too lazy to do it when i got home, and just ate it as it is, only transferring it to a dish, instead of unfolding the takeaway box, which doubles as a plate when u unfold it. 


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