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2 Oct

london 9pm 13C rain friday 2020

its been raining all day.

its quite pleasant actually. if u are indoors, it is wonderful, you are out of the cold and wet, and dont have to feel guilty about staying indoors, unlike if it is very sunny outside, when u feel you have to be out and about to enjoy it.

and if u are outdoors, as i was earlier today, because i just wanted to go to the sainsburys at nine elms to buy some frozen veggie, because the nectar offer is expiring on sunday… it did not feel bad , as i got my umbrella and it was protecting me from the wet. and i had two hoodies on, so i was nice and warm. and once on the bus you are warm and dry anyway.

in fact, on the bus i got the free metro newspaper and saw an advert from morrisons, telling about their £2.10/kg pork joint, so i changed my plans about going to sainsburys and decided to go to morrisons in camberwell  instead.

though when i got there i found out that all the pork at that price is gone, and the shelves were empty of it. which is disappointing , but i got two bags 1kg each of mung beans for £3. so i finally was able to get mung beans to grow my own. those mung beans are quite small, so i wonder if my bean sprouts wont be so fat as the ones i can buy in the supermarket. still, even if they turn out to be long and skinny, they will be quite nice to make char kuey teoh. and to be able to have a steady supply of them would be a boon. now i am wondering if i should take a chance and go again tomorrow, saturday, when they might have stocked up and i can get that pork. it is a very good price. 

added sunday 4oct. 

i went yesterday, saturday to the morrisons again, just to buy the pork, but there was one pack left, and it was £10, for over about 5kg . so it looks like they are only selling large packs and it is too much for me. (it is possible that there are others of lower weight and they obviously will be taken much sooner by other shoppers.)

so i went to the sainsburys and bought about half the price for a smaller pack 1.5kg at £3.10/kg. there is no room in my freezer for that huge amount. this is where if u have 3 families to share it would be ideal. but when i think of all the bother interacting with the 2 other families, all the drama and what not that can arise when u have so many people to deal with, i am glad i dont have it. 

i have been having a lot of roast meals lately.  simon seems to be on this phase of eating them, and using the oven a lot. so he has been alternating roast chicken, with  roasting supermarket  meat pie. with roast potatoes and veggie. 



i dont know why he dont get fed up of eating them, every meal now for days. even i feel i want a change. and i have, eating my own meals and letting him finish his leftovers all by himself. and he does it quite easily, finishing it off within a day or two, so that every two days he is roasting again. 

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