simon’s past roast meals

4 Oct

london 9.41am 9C rain sunday 2020

the london marathon is on today. must be one of the rare events that are not cancelled. maybe because it is an outdoor event and spread over a wide area so not much crowding. its raining, so that would make it less crowded with people lining the way.

that was what i thought would happen but i saw this article telling what it will be like this year. a very strange one, with specially vetted participants in a official bubble competing in st james park and not running on the roads in east london as they are used to. there will be no spectators. 

added. 11am 

i happened to check my tv guide online, and saw they are broadcasting the marathon in st james live. and you can get bbc online so can watch on your laptop. i must say i wont be bothering, it is very boring to watch, really. 

below i found  an old post that i forgot  of the roast meals that simon had been cooking these past few days. 

london 1.29pm 17C cloudy tuesday 2020

8.37pm 14C dry night

the chicken is a fresh whole chicken
another roast meal cooked by simon. the pie is a ready made meat pie.


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