7 Oct

london 5.03pm 16C cloudy wednesday 2020

i had woke up from a nap , which is something i do most afternoons. so i am feeling very refreshed now. and decided to cook my dinner. it is a simple recipe, just a one pot meal. cabbage, celery, carrots, were the veg i used. and some pork that i stir fried a few days ago. they were leftovers. and that is it. i have rice cooking in the rice cooker so that is my cooking done. and i shall eat it some time later , not sure when, depands on how hungry i get.

its been a do nothing day. i went to the library earlier in the morning, to return simon’s borrowed book, and hoped to borrow another for myself, but i could not find anything that i want to bother to read.

i went to two branches of library, and was a bit tempted to borrow gilbert’s cities of girls, which i found in the victoria library. gilbert is famous for her eat , pray, love book about her own personal journey of self discovery. i have not read any of her books. this one seems to be about a group of women in early new york, not sure what year. i looked it up, it is the 40s. but i pass it over, as i did not want to deal with more girly emotions, as i think this one will be.

i am looking for adventure stories and that means mainly male characters, rather than girly love lives. so no wonder i have been reading space operas, and science fiction. i am in the mood for them now. so i have been digging into my kindle library, picking on the space adventures that i have got stored in it, which i have not read. so now is a good time to read them while i am in the mood for it.

i guess i am trying to forget the present world situation , ie the corvid thing. every country is groping at a solution, and dealing with it in their own way, some more successful than others. i guess eventually it should blow over, since this virus dont kill everyone quickly. in the meantime the reaction to it, the cure is worst than the disease as in its effect on the economy and world prosperity. 

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