why do my mung beans not germinate?

14 Oct

london 6.40pm 12C dry wednesday 2020

it’s been some time since i last posted. it is just because they are very uneventful days , and though there is a lot of news i can comment on, i dont have much opinion of it, or rather i have, but i dont feel strongly about it. it is easy to rant and rave about what we read in the news. but it is a waste of time really.

today i have to throw away my mung beans that i had hoped will sprout. that experiment has failed. dont know why this lot did not sprout. was it my fault, or was it because those beans have been treated so that they do not germinate. it is quite possible they do it, to stop us growing our own bean sprouts. 

now i got 2kg of it to eat. and i am not keen on cooking them, mainly because they need to be cooked for a long time and i dont like that waste of energy . i asked simon to use them up in his cooking, but he dont seem keen either. he has his own beans. why oh why does my mung beans not germinate???

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