life is quite normal really for me even though there are corvid restrictions

15 Oct

london 10.55pm 9C thursday 2020

i wonder what i would be doing if i were living in malaysia now. how will my life there be under corvid , compared to uncorvid times. maybe it wont be much different. i remember when i was living there for about 6months, looking after my father in 2005, i spent almost all my time at home, surfing the internet. the family house is quite far from kl, with only bus links to it, so it was quite a journey to get down to kl. and so i hardly bothered. 

there was a little village nearby where we can buy fresh groceries, it has a wet and dry market, and there are food centres dotted around where we can get hawker foods. and the only time i go out would be to go to the nearest hawker food centre to buy takeaway food to bring back to eat. and because my nephews would buy them sometimes, there will be days when i dont go out even to do that .

now i come to think of it it was a strange time, i was literally at home all the time, but did not feel confined. i did not seem to feel i was imprisoned at home. and my looking after father does not involve anything more complicated than just being at home and keep an eye on him. his physical needs and food needs are all being taken care of. so i only need to drive him to his medical appointments for his dialysis twice a week. so hardly a great burden. i have plenty of time to waste which i do by going online. 

so, much like i feel now, we are under corvid restrictions, but you would not know it because as far as i can see there is nothing to stop me going out any time i chose. the restrictions seem to apply to pubs, and restaurants, and not to us individuals. the 10pm curfew is for the businesses to shut and not do any trading. but there is nothing to stop people from going out and wandering about… though with all these entertaining businesses shut, there is no destination to go to.

in the day time, it is the supermarkets that makes me want to go out, as i need to do my grocery shopping for my meals. and i chose to go when it is not busy so there are no queues to get into the supermarkets, making the whole experience feel rather like pre corvid days. there is no more one way system in the supermarkets either. i am glad of it, as it is rather a nuisance. i am not that concerned about being infected, partly because i feel those who are showing symptoms will self isolate themselves, and those who are not showing symptoms will not infect others if u can keep your distance from them. and i am confident that the ventilation system in the supermarkets will warf the virus away. in the buses, i would open the windows and bring in natural ventilation as i think that is much more effective in not getting infected. but also i feel in the end, i consider it like flu, if u get it, you get it, and if you are so weakened that your immune system cannot overcome it and you die, well it is a hint that it is time to go and leave this life.

for others who want to do more than me, they can go to the coffee shops, and eating places, those are open during the day and cater to those who want to get out of the house.

most would be working from home, and some will be going to their offices. i dont know what the working people do now. or do they still have jobs. or are they changing jobs. i read of pilots driving vans for supermarkets now.

there is a lot to be said for being retired and not have to need to work. i while away the time by reading, and it so happens i am reading detective novels now. just because i am able to download a 3 novel free from amazon kindle. it is an angela marchmont novels, murders set in country houses in the 30s. 

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