we are living life second hand now

18 Oct

london 7.07pm 11C dry night sunday 2020

the finals of the snooker competition is on the tv now, and simon is watching it. i am not interested so there is nothing for me.

i can watch tv on my chromebook, because there is a website which shows the main channels and you can watch them. but there is nothing interesting on now. a crime series, midsomer murders, which i have not got into, for some reason i dont know why i have not followed it. maybe in future, when i get bored enough or seen all the old reruns of the other crime series that i follow.

another channel is showing snow white and the huntsman. i have seen bits and pieces of it.

we are all having to experience life second hand now. 


my friend told me in an email that our circuit class is starting again on wednesday 21oct. but how can it when we are in lockdown tier 2, which prohibits people to meet indoors. so he says he will ask for clarification. my friend allready told me he wont be going. i myself   wont be going too and i have  taken this decision indepandant of what my friend will do.  i guess we are all putting our lives on pause. 

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