burst mains

19 Oct

london 1.01pm sunny 14C monday 2020

i went to wash the dishes after my klean katsu meal, (i could not finish it actually, and kept the rest for later) and noticed the water pressure was low from my kitchen tap. i mentioned it to simon, and he said he noticed it yesterday, last night, when the water did not come out and then came out in a burst of brown water. he then told me there is a burst water main near us. i said i did not know where is it, and he said look outof the window to the right, and i saw a blocked area on the road, one that i passed earlier on my way to itsu to get the free curry. so that was what those guys were doing. i did not realise it, and now i see their actions are a direct impact on us and our water supply. so now our water is affected. it might be we will have our water stopped. but only this morning it was working normally, as i filled a cup of water to make coffee. though that was all i did, as i did not make porridge as i normally do, because i wanted to go at 12noon to get the free katsu and so i skipped the porridge.

simon told me he had noticed a puddle formed at that area a few days ago, and then yesterday it flooded that section of road right up to almost our flat. and all this time i never was aware of it. just goes to show how unobservant i am. i often hear of burst water mains and how it has flooded a road, and now we got one near us. fortunately the water people knows of it and has got it under control, at least there was no floods and the water has gone from the road.

simon says they have been working on it all last night, and they are still doing it now. so must be quite a big burst.

thank goodness for living in a big city, where lots of people live around us, and so they will have alerted the water people very quickly and action would be done very quickly too.


it looks like it is all repaired. and it did not even impinged on us at all. if there was a shut off of our water supply it went unnoticed by us. perhaps they did it when we were all asleep last night. 

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