free klean katsu from itsu

19 Oct

london 12.20pm 14C sunny monday 2020

does not look like their advert, which shows a layer of chicken on top. i wonder if i had been given the wrong order. but the bowl says klean katsu.

i walked to itsu near me, to get their free klean katsu . it is chicken curry, steamed, over rice. not fried,so less calories. that is what they say.

dont look for it on the shelves, as it is prepared fresh, so you just have to go to the desk and ask for’ my new favourite’, the klean katsu. that is the password for you to use to get it free otherwise it will cost £6.45., and they will make it up hot for you and it is all free.

they have a limited amount to give away, just today,but it is a limit for each shop, and there are many branches of itsu, at least near me, in the victoria and westminster area. i could if i want to, go to each branch and get a free meal. not that i would do it haha.

one is near enough for me to walk there. i am glad steve sent me an email telling me about it this morning, otherwise i wont have known. it is a clipping from the cambridge news . strange that there is no news of it in our london newspapers. it is not well known i think. it is only for today but not many know of it so you might be able to get it.

the meal  i got  does not look like the picture in the clipping that steve sent me. i would tend to think  the newspaper picture is the wrong one. mine is more like what steamed chicken would look like. though the newspaper picture is more appealing. 

the spoon that came with it is really cute.


it is very salty. simon took a bit of it to taste and said it was very nice on the first taste, it was only  later he got the salty taste and noticed it. i tasted the salt immediately, but then i might be unlike other people.

whatever, i mixed it with rice that i got and it was nicer than as the rice made it less salty.

even though they said it was curry, it was japanese style curry which is not spicy at all, unlike our malaysian curries. to us malaysians it is not curry at all, haha. but i guess to the international customers it will be fine. i myself dont understand why people like japanese curry… but it is popular so who am i to say anything to that? haha. as it is i ate mine with fresh chili , a typical thing that we malaysians do . we always eat anything with chili, haha. that seems to be the hallmark of a malaysian. hehe.

even after so many years in uk, i have not lost that trait. 

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