satire and is it how people in LA live?

20 Oct

london 1.28pm 18C cloudy tuesday 2020

looks like today will be a warm day. in fact, it has hit 19C as i speak. of course, when i speak of it being warm, i mean relatively. 19C is not much really , its not even in the 20s. but we are in autumn now, so …i follow this newsletter

and i saw this link in it, and that led me to this link

which finally led me to the novel

bruce wagner, force majeure. he has put it out as a pdf for everyone to read free, instead of having it published as a book costing $23. its a satire, but it certainly opens up a new world, for me. a glimpse into what LA society and zeitgeist might be like. i read mention of something called IG, and did not know what it was and had to google it and found out it was short for ‘i guess’, or more commonly text for instagram. is this how people in LA live? very weird. must keep reminding myself it is satire.

added. more about that novel, it looks like the same old same old, except in a new futuristic setting of social media and internet texting speech. it is a bunch of people trying to make money, whilst living in LA, and basically conning each other with scams and pretense of being rich and offering cannot fail schemes to get rich. 

here in my london, we get announcements of vegan butchers,(sounds like a oxymoron) the first to be set up. there are lots of vegan ventures like this in london, you might think we are the vegan capital of uk;  pop ups selling vegan food abounds and we hear of one or other  setting up business quite often.  though this one is vegetable based foodstuff like sausages, burgers, steak, all of them mimicking meat. (but taste nothing like meat haha).

they are giving away 100 free of these products on their opening day, but i think i shall pass.

pasta day is on 25oct, and there are some places giving away free pasta dishes. but i think i shall pass that too. there is not much food in each plate to my thinking. thinking about that fictional satire, i dont think it would fly if it is set in london. cant imagine the british will get into that sort of thing. 

added 11.44am wed 21.10.20. 

that novel started going into the marvel comics characters and i lost interest. when it tries to mix up fictional characters with the supposedly real life characters in the story it lost me, though the title of the book shows it is the basis of the book. ah well, i dont have qualms about abandoning a book when i lose interest. its a pity though, if it kept the marvel characters away and just go with the satire on real life people in LA, it can be rather interesting. satire is one remove from real people, stretching their quirks and exaggerating it in such a way that you cannot tell if it is real or not. real life can sometimes be more bizarre than fiction and satire latches onto that. 

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